Archive of Important documents on April 25 1974



Captains' Movement

Military Operations of April 25 1974

Polítical Documents Post April  25

Front Pages of Some Daily Newspapers


First Political Party Leaflets


Digital Texts

First Official Announcement of the Revolution of April 25

Reasons for the Movement
(Official announcement by MFA - 25/4/74)

Authorization for Those Exiled to Return
(Official announcement by Junta of National Salvation - 31/4/74) 

Dismissal of Fascist Leaders
(Law 1/74 April 25) 

Dissolution of DGS, LP and  MP
(Decree 170/74 April 25)

Programme of Portuguese MFA  

The Right of the  Colonies to Independence
(Law 7/74 July 27)

Amnesty for Political Crimes
(Decree 173/74 April 26)

Amnesty for Desertors
(Decree 180/74 May 2)

Military Amnesty
(Decree 194/74 May 10)