The 25th of April



23 - Otelo Saraiva de Carvalho hands out, to messenger captains, closed envelopes containing instructions for the military missions to take place on the night of the 24th to the 25th of April. Copies of the newspaper Época were also distributed to the participating military units as identification.


24 - In a very small article, the newspaper República drew its reader's attention to the program Limite , to be broadcasted, that night, by radio station Renascença.

Otelo Saraiva de Carvalho and five other MFA [Armed Forces Movement] officials were posted at the Engineering Regiment 1 (Pontinha) where, since the day before, the Commanding Headquarters of the Movement had been secretly installed. From here Otelo commanded the military operations against the regime.

The Lisbon Associated Broadcasters played Paulo de Carvalho's song "E depois do Adeus" , marking the beginning of the military operations against the regime.


25th of April
Rádio Renascença's program Limite broadcasted José Afonso's song " Grândola Vila Morena ", som serving as the password chosed by the MFA [Armed Forces Movement] to indicate that military action is ongoing and irreversible. som


0.30h to 16h
Strategic points were occupied: RTP [state owned television], National Radio, Portuguese Radio Club, Lisbon Airport, General Headquarters, Army Headquarters, the Ministry of Defense, Bank of Portugal and Marconi.

The Portuguese Radio Club broadcasted the movement's first public announcement. som

The paramilitary forces loyal to the regime started to surrender. Of these, the Portuguese Legion was the first.


Soldados e crianças

From the first hour the people comes to the streets...

soldados express his joy


foto Carmo Military Police Headquarters was surrounded. The operation was led by Salgueiro Maia. Thousands of people filled the square in support of the revolutionary military forces. Inside Carmo Headquarters were Marcelo Caetano and two of his ministers.


Having expired the initial deadline for surrender ordered by Salgueiro Maia through his megaphone and after several attempts made by civilian mediators, Marcelo Caetano informed that he was willing to surrender and asked for the presence of a MFA official of a rank not inferior to Coronel.


Spínola, mandated by the MFA [Armed Forces Movement], entered Carmo Headquarters to negotiate the government's surrender. A white flag was raised.


som Marcelo Caetano finally surrendered. The Sherman tank BULA entered the Headquarters to extract the ex-president of the Council and the two ministers that accompany him. They were taken to the Movement's Commanding Headquarters in Pontinha.


Elements of the PIDE/DGS [political police of the dictatorship] shoot demonstrators that had begun concentrating outside the political police headquarters on António Maria Cardoso Street. Four civilians were killed and 45 are wounded.


26 - The PIDE/DGS surrenders after a telephone conversation between General Spínola and Silva Pais, director of the political police.

foto The National Salvation Front (JSN) presented itself to the country on television.

By command of the MFA [Armed Forces Movement], Marcelo Caetano, Américo Tomás, César Moreira Baptista and other elements of the overthrown regime were sent to island of Madeira .

General Spínola was declared President of the Republic.

Political prisoners were liberated from Caxias and Peniche.


27 - Presentation of the MFA program. foto


29 to 30
Return of Mário Soares, leader of the Socialist Party (Mário Soares) and of Álvaro Cunhal, leader of the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP) from exile.


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