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Obras Editadas

Recolução Portuguesa
Portuguese revolution: an annotated bibliography (vols I and II)
Price: 10 Euros
Edition date: 1987 (vol. 1) and 1998 (vol.2)
Obs.: 2º volume title “periodic publications and public organizations”.

Centro de documentacao 25 de Abril

Price: 1 Euro
Edition date: 1990
Cassete de Vídeo
Video tape
Tape Recording of the exhibition made in July and December 1990 in Coimbra.
It contains voice-off chronology with soundtrack of the era.
Target audience: elementary and high school
price: 7.5 €
Edition date: 1990



Oppositions, intercontinental latitudes of an anti-fascist and anti-colonialist fight: catalogue
On-line complete version
Price: ...
Edition date: 1996
Note: out of print

Flyers 1; flyers 2

Pulsar da revolucao

The Pulse of  the Revolution
CD25A and Ed. Afrontamento

Price: 45.00Euros (out of print)
Edition date: 1997
2nd edition (magazine and increased)
Price: 42.00 Euros
Edition date: 2000

Bibliographic bulletin
Semiannual edition of 1989 till 1994
Note: out of print
Capa BD
A drawing revolution
The April 25th and the BD/
João Miguel Lameiras,
João Paulo Boléo
João Ramalho Santos,


Technical summary
Porto: CD25A and the Ed. Afrontamento
Price: 20 Euros
Edition date: 1999


revolução interior

The interior revolution:
In search of the April 25th
João Ramalho Santos, João Miguel Lameiras,
José Carlos Fernandes
Porto: CD25A and Ed. Afrontamento
Price: 7.5 Euros
Edition date: 2000


Capa de livro


The tape of the revolution time: the night that changed Portugal
Org. Boaventura de Sousa Santos
Porto: ACD25A and Ed. Afrontamento

Price: 18 Euros
Edition date: 2004
Consult the preface




Video (included in the pedagogical suitcase)
Realization: Edgar Pêra
Obs.: winner of the RTP 2000 award in the documentary category
Price: 10 Euros
Edition date: 2000
cd-romApril 25th
A democratic adventure
Multimedia CD-ROM
Available for consult
Contact: ucd25a@ci.uc.pt

Tel: 239483036


The Pulse of  the Revolution
(col. 30 years of the April 25th, nº10)
Lisbon: Public
Edition date: 2004
See description
See text (revised in 2008)



Pedagogic Kit
2nd version now available

CD25A and Ed. Afrontamento

Price: 31 Euros
1st version
A set of resources to address in school the revolution of the April 25th 1974.
It has been distributed in May 2000 to all schools providing the high school degrees.
Project direction: Boaventura de Sousa Santos
Coordination: Maria Manuela Cruzeiro
Sponsorship: Education Ministry, Science and Technology Ministry – unity of live Science, rectory of the University of Coimbra
Edition date: 2000
It includes:
-professor handbook , texts for students , transparencies, questionnaire
Authors: Augusto José Monteiro, Joana Sousa Ribeiro, Maria Eliana Teixeira, Maria Isabel Lemos e Maria Manuela Cruzeiro – video (16´)
Direction: Edgar Pêra



catálogo Piteira Santos







Fernando Piteira Santos:
Portuguese, citizen of the XX century: catologue
Edition date: 2004
Exhibition catalogue






 From the interior of the revolution:
Vasco Lourenço interviewed by Maria Manuela Cruzeiro
Lisbon: Publisher Âncora, CD25A
Price: 24.00 €
Edition date: 2009 









April 25th 32 years 32 questions
Lisbon: ME-DGDIC, CD25A
Price: 5
Edition date: 2006






Bio-Bibilografia : João Martins Pereira e o Seu, Nosso Tempo (pdf)

text  Manuela Vasconcelos and Natércia Coimbra

photog. Susana Paiva

Coimbra: CES CD25A
Price: 10
Edition date: 2011

to buy paper limted and numerated edition, contact CES