Salgueiro Maia Salgueiro Maia ( 1944 - 1992 )

Military official of recognized merit, superiority intelligent and unusually courageous and loyal, it was said that Salgueiro Maia "was the best amongst the best of the courageous and the generous military officials of the April Revolution". He was born in Castelo de Vide on the 1st of July, 1944. He went to Secondary School in Tomar (Colégio Nun'Álvares) and in Leiria (Liceu Nacional). He entered the Military Academy in 1964 and, in 1966, Santarém's "Escola Prática de Cavalaria". As a Captain, he fought in the Colonial Wars of Guinea and Mozambique. He was one of the active members of the MFA. On the 25th of April 1974 he commanded the military personnel that marched into Lisbon, from the EPC of Santarém, occupying the "Terreiro do Paço". Later Salgueiro Maia's men surrounded Carmo Military Police Headquarters, leading to the surrender of Marcelo Ceatano. He was an active member of the MFA Assembly but did not accept any political position in the post 25th of April period. On the 3rd of April 1992, as a victim of cancer, he died in Santarém.

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