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year of acquisition
Analytical Balance RADWAG AS 220/C/2 2011
Autoclave AJC Uniclave 88 2016
Bernard Calcimeter (determination of salts) ANALYTIKA n/a 2011
Cell Counter Beckmann Coulter Counter Multisizer N/A 2007
Centrifuge Sigma 316-P 2011
Centrifuge Thermo-Heraeus Megafuge 16 2011
Centrifuge (eppendorfs) Hawksley MBC _ 1995
Centrifuge (SPROUT Micro-Centrifuge) SPROUT _ 2014
Centrifuge bench high speed refrigerated (microprocessor controlled) SIGMA SIGMA 2-16KL 2014
Centrifuge [Mini-centrifuge (microtubes) - 2 units] Gilson GmCLab 2010
Conductivity Meter WTW Cond 3210 2011
Controlled environment reach-in chamber Aralab Fitoclima D1200PL 2013
Counting chambers for zooplankton N/A N/ 2012
Current Meter (direct reading, vector averaging) VALEPORT 108MKIII 2007
Datalogger Campbell Scientific Campbell Scientifi CR800 2012
Deep-Freezer (- 80 ║C) + Back-up CO₂ New Brunswick Scientific _ 2012
Digital Camera for Microscope Leica DM1000 LED 2016
Digital Camera for Microscope Leica DFC 280 2004
Digital Camera for Microscope (with Module LAS Interactive measurements) Leica DFC 450 2012
Digital Camera for Stereo Dissecting Microscope Leica IC80 HD (plus LAS MultiTime) 2016
Digital Camera for Stereo Dissecting Microscope Leica IC80 HD (plus LAS MultiTime) 2010
DNA/RNA Uv Cleaner working cabinet Biosan UVL/T-M-AR 2013
Electromagnetic Flow Meter KROHNE 3070C Mag Flow Meter 100mm 2012
Electronic listening stick TMIC Palmer _ 2014
Electrophoresis Mini-vertical System Biorad Mini Protean Tetra Cell 2007
ELISA Plate Reader Thermo Fisher Scientific 357-MultiscanFC 2009
Environment Monitoring Buoy YSI EMM 550 2007
Facilities for keeping living organisms populations at the laboratory N/A N/A N/A
Facilities for water and sediments analysis N/A N/A N/A
Fishing devices N/A 2m beam trawl 2003
Flow Cytometer (cell analysis and cell sorting) BD FACSCalibur N/A 2007
Flow Meter Endersen Hauser DN50 2013
Flow Meters Hydro-Bios RHLM 2002
Flume (with accessory equipments) N/A N/A 1993
Fluorometer (parameters of fluorescence meter) Turner Designs 10AU-005-CE 2011
Folsom Plankton Splitter WILDCO: Wildlife Supply Company 1831-F10 2009
GELDOC XR System + Camera + ChemiDoc XRS Gel Documentation systems BIORAD Laboratoires _ 2009
Geofone XMIC (full version) Palmer _ 2014
GPS - Sonar Humminbird HELIX 5 2016
GPS units GARMIN eTrex 20; eTrex 30 2014
GPS units Magellan Meridian GPS 2004
Growth Chamber Ing. Climas AGP360 2007
Hatchery for Artemia sp. N/A N/A 2013
Hotte Industrial Laborum IL 120-ENS 2016
Hotte Industrial Laborum IL 120 ENS 2012
Hotte N/A N/A 1992
Ice maker ITV Ice Queen 50 C AR 2016
Incubator (Peltier-cooled incubator ) MEMMERT IPP500 2012
Inverted Stereomicroscope Olympus CKX41 2011
Ionic Chromatograph DIONEX DX120 2001
Isoelectric Focusing System Biorad Protean IEF 2008
Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer Thermo Electron Delta V Plus 2007
Kajak Corer (Meiofauna sampler) KC-Denmark KajaK 3030 2006
Laminar Flow Chamber (vertical) PBI International Bluspace Luce PBI 48184 2010
Large Folding Galvanized Sherman Live animal traps H. B. Sherman Traps, Inc. _ 2012
Levelogger« Edge (water level datalogger) Solinst Model 3001 Levelogger« Edge 2014
Liophilizator (Freeze-Dryer) Snijders Scientific LY3TTE 2007
Luminometer (Turner BioSystems) Turner Designs TD20/20 2009
Magnetic Stirrer (magnetic mixer) IKA RCT Standard 2011
Manual Corers (fauna sampling) N/A N/A N/A
Mass Spectrometer (MS) - Electrospray Interface Thermo LCQ Fleet 2007
Microbalance Mettler UMX2 2007
Microplate Photometer Thermo Fisher Scientific 357-MultiscanFC 2008
Microscope Nikon Eclipse 50I 2012
Microscope (Stereomicroscope) Leica M80 2016
Microscope (Stereomicroscope) Leica M80 2012
Microscope (Stereomicroscope) Leica M80 2010
Microscopes Leitz (Leica) Laborlux K and Diaplan 1988, 1990
Microscopes (Dissecting microscopes) Wild (Leica) M3, M5, and M8 N/A
Microscopes (Dissecting microscopes) Leica Leica MZ12 2004
Microwave Digestion System Anton-Paar Multiwave PRO 2013
Mini-trans Blot Cell Biorad 1703930SP 2010
Mixer Mill (dry, wet of small amounts of sample: < 30 gr) RETSCH MM400 2014
Muffle (High Temperature Muffle Furnace) Thermoscientific Thermolyne (F6000 Furnace) 2011
Multiparameter Probe _2 units_ (pH, Temperature, Conductivity, Oxygen, ORP, Salinity) YSI Professional Plus 2009, 2010
Multiparametric Autoanalyzer Skalar San++ system 2010
MyCycler (thermal cycler) (2 units) Bio Rad Mj Mini cycler, 48 wells 2010, 2011
Orbital Shaker GFL 3015 2016
Orbital Shakers (laboratory cultures) _ _ 1991, 1992
Oven (Incubation) 112 liters Binder BD 115 2016
Oven 176 liters, max temperature 250 ᵒC - GP Thermo Scientific Heratherm _ 2014
Oxygen meter (Portable) WTW Oxi 3210/SET 2014
pH Meter WTW inLab pH 720 2011
Plankton Nets (200 Ám and 335 Ám) Comartec _ 2012
Plankton Nets (64 Ám, 335 Ám and 500 Ám) Comartec N/A 2008
Ponar Grab (sampler for collecting bottom sediment) _ _ 2002
Portable Lux/ Ligth Meter Hanna Instuments HI 97500 2011
Portable Multi-parameter WTW Multi 340i 2012
Portable Photon Flux Meter LI-COR LI-1000 1996
Portable Water-resistent Thermo-Higrometer Hanna Instruments HI 9564 2011
Precision Balance Precisa XB 6200C 2014
Pressure transducer + Track-ItÖ data Loggers Monarch Instrument _ 2012
Rainfall measurement : Laser Precipitation Monitor (Disdrometer) Thies Clima _ 2007
Rainfall measurement : Multi-Weather Sensor Vaisala WXT510 2009
Respirometer measurement system Strathkelvin MOD928 S/N3001 2009
Rooms with controlled temperature N/A N/A 1992
Salinity/Temp Recorder 64k with 0-80mS/cm range Odyssey _ 2012
Semi-micro Calorimeter Parr Parr 1425 1996
Sensors for the measurement of the content volume of water (VWC), electrical conductivity (EC) and temperature (T) in soil; Sensors for measurement of soil moisture LabFerrer _ 2014
Shaking Incubator (with controlled temperature) GFL 3031 2012
Sieve Shaker (particle size analysis) Retsch VE 1000 1994
Sieves (41 Ám) _ _ 2014
Sieves for zooplankton samples (200 Ám and 335 Ám) N/A N/A 2012
Soil Respirometer (via infrared gas analyzer) ADC Bioscientific _ 2008
Spectrophotometer Jenway 6715B0 2016
Spectrophotometer Thermo Scientific Nanodrop 2000C 2011
Spectrophotometer (Optical) Milton Roy Spectronic 601 N/A
Spectrophotometer (VIS) HachLange DR3900 2012
Spectrophotometer‎ (UV /VIS) Jenway 6715 (S/N 1233) 2010
Spectrophotometer‎ (UV /VIS) Thermo Scientific EV260BIO 2010
Stove THERMO - HERAEUS OGS 180 2014
Stoves (150 l) Selecta, Heraeus N/A 1998
Telescope SWAROVSKI SWATS80 2008
Temperature-controlled water bath Linea Termoregolazione Mod.BTU6 2007
Thermomixer Eppendorf Eppendorf Comfort 2011
TissueLyser LT - Equipment for sample disruption (molecular analysis) Qiagen LT 2012
TOC and TN analyser Elementar Liqui TOC 2006
TOMST« Measuring System TOMST s.r.o. TMS3 usb 2013
Ultrasonic cleaner BANDELIN SONOREX DIGITEC DT510H 2009
Vacuum Manifold (solid phase extraction vacuum manifold) Waters, Milford, Massachusetts, USA _ 2007
Vacuum Pump KNF N035 AN.18 2016
Vacuum Pump KNF N0351.1.2 AN.18; N035 AN.18 2010
Van Veen grab (sampler for collecting bottom sediments) _ areas: 0,05 m2; 0,08 m2; 0,1 m2 2002, 2009
Video Camera PANASONIC HC-HV550 2014
Video Projector Epson EB-X20 2015
Vortex Mixer VELP Scientifica ZX3 2016
Water distillation unit GFL 2004 2016
Water purification and ultrapurification (combined system) HUMAN Power-I Scholar-UV 2013
Working boat DIPOL DIPOL D-450 (30hp Yamaha outboard engine) 2016
Working boat FIBRAZUL TRIDENT (3.8m) (30hp Yamaha outboard engine) 2015
Working car Renault Kangoo 2014
Working car Nissan Primastar 2013
Working car Mitsubishi pickup _ 2010