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Remote sensing of oceanic and coastal fronts off central Portugal (2003 – 2014). An integrated environmental perspective Mantas,V. PhD concluded 2017 A.J.S.C.Pereira J.C.Marques (MARE, U.Coimbra)
A community-level approach to forest biodiversity and avian dispersal services Pascoal da Silva, L. PhD concluded 2017 J.A.Ramos (co-supervision) R.Heleno (CFE, U.Coimbra)
Free-surface flow interface and air-entrainment modelling in hydraulic structures Lopes,P. PhD concluded 2017 J.Leandro R.F.Carvalho (MARE, U.Coimbra)
Degradation and recovery trajectories of macroalgae populations along water quality changes Gaspar,R. PhD concluded 2017 L.Pereira _
From taxonomy to multiple-trait bioassessment: the role of Chironomidae in separating naturally poor from disturbed communities Serra,S. PhD concluded 2017 M.J.Feio M.A.S.Graça (MARE, U.Coimbra)
Efeito das alterações no uso do solo dos Páramos na riqueza de taxa: uma meta-análise Zambrano,A. MSC concluded 2017 V.Ferreira E.da Silva (UFBA,Brazil)
Effects of forest changes and litter quality on litter decomposition and associated fungal communities in island streams Faustino,H. MSC concluded 2017 V.Ferreira (co-supervison) V.Gonçalves (U.Azores)
Insect predation by birds in Mediterranean oak woodlands and its importance in the control of defoliator pests Ceia,R.R. PhD concluded 2016 J.A.Ramos _
Living in human created habitats: the ecology and conservation of waders on salinas Rocha,A. PhD concluded 2016 J.A.Ramos J.Masero (U. Extremadura)
Model of leakage detection in water distribution networks Ribeiro,L.M. PhD concluded 2016 J.A.Sá Marques J.J.O.Sousa (MARE, U.Coimbra)
Climate Change Impacts on Salt Marsh Vegetation Ecophysiology and Dynamics Duarte,B. PhD concluded 2016 J.C.Marques I.Caçador (MARE, U.Lisboa)
Resilience to land use induced impacts: Methodological improvements for precautionary ecological management in coastal ecosystems (IMPRESS) Teixeira,Z. PhD concluded 2016 J.C.Marques _
Development of a State of the Art Urban Flood Model (UFM) Martins,R. PhD concluded 2016 J.Leandro S. Djordjevic (U.Exeter, U.K.)
Effect of global changes and spatial scale on diatom communities of temperate rivers. Dealing with implications in bioassessment Elias,C.L. PhD concluded 2016 M.J.Feio _
Long-term Little Tern responses to habitat management and environmental stochasticity Correia,A. MSC concluded 2016 J.A.Ramos V.H.Paiva (MARE, U.Coimbra)
Chick provisioning regulation on a pelagic seabird: is there a coordination among the pair? Gonçalves,C. MSC concluded 2016 J.A.Ramos V.H.Paiva (MARE, U.Coimbra)
Changes of demographic parameters from seabirds along a tropical to temperate environment: a review Gonçalves,H. MSC concluded 2016 J.A.Ramos V.H.Paiva (MARE, U.Coimbra)
How fisheries affect the spatial and trophic ecology of two opportunistic species breeding in sympatry Matos,D. MSC concluded 2016 J.A.Ramos V.H.Paiva (MARE, U.Coimbra)
A spatially oriented ecosystem-based model to evaluate ecosystem impacts of fisheries Brito,J. MSc concluded 2016 J.C.Marques (co-supervision) T.Gomes (MARE, U.Açores)
Micro-scale foraging ecology of wandering albatrosses Pereira,J. MSC concluded 2016 J.Xavier V.H.Paiva; J.A.Ramos (MARE, U. Coimbra)
Estudos em Saccharina latissima (Phaeophyceae) Pires,C. MSC concluded 2016 L.Pereira _
Isotopic typology and variation of organic matter from the carbonated Jurassic of the Algarve Basin Abreu,D. MSC concluded 2016 L.V.Duarte Paulo Fernandes (U.Algarve, Portugal)
Organic facies variability during the Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event recorded in southern France: Grands Causses, Quercy and Pyrenean Basins Flores,C. MSC concluded 2016 L.V.Duarte J.Graciano Filho (BR); C.Lézin (FR)
Contribution to microfacies study of Jurassic carbonated units of the western sector of the Algarve Basin (Portugal). Palaeoenvironmental interpretation and sequential evolution Vaz,D. MSC concluded 2016 L.V.Duarte Paulo Fernandes (U.Algarve, Portugal)
Estudo integrado do património geológico e potencial geoturístico da faixa costeira envolvente das praias da Chitamba a Quicombo (Sumbe, Cuanza Sul, Angola) Guia,J. MSC concluded 2016 P.Dinis _
Condicionantes geomorfológicas para aptidão na prática do surf. Casos de estudo na região entre Ericeira e Costa da Caparica D'Orey,A. MSC concluded 2016 P.Dinis _
Contributo para o conhecimento do património geológico e importância geoturística do litoral dos municípios de Benguela e Baía Farta (Angola) Hatonda,L.M. MSC concluded 2016 P.Dinis _
A faixa litoral entre Benguela e a restinga do Lobito (Angola). Análise de tendências evolutivas José,J.Z. MSC concluded 2016 P.Dinis _
Study of the geochemical affinities of mercury and other trace elements in coals from the Carboniferous of the Iberian Peninsula Moura,H. MSC concluded 2016 P.P.Cunha D.Flores (U. Porto)
Modelo matemático para a gestão e exploração de um sistema público de distribuição de água de Leiria Oliveira,S. MSC concluded 2016 R.Gomes L.F. Sanches Fernandes (UTAD)