Felowships IPCDVS

Scholarships are granted under the conditions stated by the Commitment to Science (Lei nº 40/2004, de 18 de Agosto) and in accordance with the Regulations for Advanced Training and Qualification of Human Resources (FCT 2008)

Post-Doctoral Grants (BPD)

Filomena Parada, Ph.D

Scientific Project: Meaning-making processes through the transition to adulthood: What has(n′t) changed? (granted by the FCT)

Scientific Supervisors: Eduardo J. R. Santos (IPCDVS);  Richard A. Young (University of British Columbia) and Joaquim Luís Coimbra (FPCE-UP)

Marco Pereira, Ph.D

Scientific Project: Relação de Casal e Adversidade  (granted by the FCT) Scientific Supervisors: Maria Cristina Canavarro (IPCDVS); Isabel Narciso David (FPCE – University of Lisbon)
Advisor: Prof. Frank Dattilio (University of Harvard, MA, USA)

Paula Oliveira, Ph.D
Scientific Supervisors: Manuel João Quartilho (IPCDVS / FMUC);  Maria Emília Costa (FPCE UP)


Doctoral Degree Grants (BD)

Anabela Pedrosa (start date: January, 2001)

Sofia Gameiro (start date: January, 2006)

Andreia Pacheco (start date: November,2006)

Susana Araújo (start date: November 2006)

Helena Moreira (start date: November 2006)

Sónia Silva (start date: January 2007)

Tiago Paredes (start date: January 2007)

Ana Figueiredo (start date: April 2007)

Inês Bramão (start date: July 2007)

Nuno Teixeira (start date:October 2007)

Alda Martins (start date: October 2007)

Paula Carvalho (start date: January 2008)

Alexandra Gomes (start date: February 2008)

Ricardo Viegas (start date: October 2008)

Carina Teixeira (start date: February 2009)

Andreia Soares (start date: January 2009)

Raquel Sousa (start date: January 2009)

Marta Brás (start date: March 2009)

Research Grants (BI)

Rute David (start date: December 2008)

João P. Leitão (start date: February 2009)

Magda Jordão; Supervisor: Armando M. Oliveira (start date: April 2009)

Cindy Carvalho; Supervisor: José Miguel Oliveira (start date: April 2009)

Mikael Mendes; Supervisor: Armando M. Oliveira (start date: April 2009)

Cláudia Silva; Supervisor: Maria Cristina Canavarro (start date: April 2009)

Ana Rita Carvalho; Supervisor: Adriano Vaz Serra (start date: April 2009)

Gabriela Bento; Supervisor: Ana Isabel Pereira (start date: 2009)

Inês Cardoso; Supervisor: José Tomás da Silva (start date: 2009)

Elsa Rodrigues; Supervisor: José Tomás da Silva (start date: 2009)

Ana Leal; Supervisor: Eduardo Santos (start date: April 2009)

Diana Antunes; Supervisor: Eduardo Santos (start date: April 2009)

Tânia Lopes; Supervisor: Eduardo Santos (start date: April 2009)

Alexandra Guedes; Supervisor: Joaquim P. Valentim (start date: April 2009)


Science and Technology Management Grants (BGCT)

Pedro Belo (start date: May 2008)

Rosa Andrade (start date: May 2008)

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