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P S Y C @ W @ R E


Psyc@w@re intends to be a space of presentation and discussion of new ideas and practices in Psychology in Portugal.


As an electronic journal insert in a interactive space, it make possible both, a more contiguous communication between authors and readers, and a considerable freedom of subjects and approaches.


We ask who intend to publish in Psyc@w@re, to send the proposals in APA (American Psychological Association) format to the Scientific Coordinator of the IPCDVS:

Professor Eduardo J. R. Santos (

Lifestyle and Academic Achievement
At this 1st Edition (2008) we present some research papers in the fields of lifestyle and academic achievement. Instruments and practices are discussed.
Psychoterapeutic Intervention
In this 2nd edition we present to discussion the basis of psychoterapy, in a constructivist point of view. Some considerations for research and intervention are identified.
Bullying Situations Evaluation.
The 3rd edition present us a discussion about the bullyng situations among the arrival at University. Some considerations are identified and is presented an evaluation scale on this domain.
Creativity in University Students.
This 4th Edition shows a new insight about the creativity of young people in academic surrounding context, where the authors present a rating scale in this area.
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