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The collection has over 500 Chinese prints from 9 different provinces in the PRC and 5 other places in the Chinese world. All the main regions are represented. This selection of 50 prints was exhibited in Coimbra's Museum (29 October - 28 December 2003) during the International Meeting on East-West Dialogue.
The printed catalogue is available from:

Museu Nacional de Machado de Castro
Largo Dr. Josť Rodrigues
3000 Coimbra

at the price of Euro 15,00.

The exhibition is now on display in Lisbon, at The National Clothing Museum (Museu Nacional do Traje), from January 29th up to middle June 2004.


Shaanxi Province


Guangdong Province

    Hong Kong (Xianggang)
    Macau (Aomen)
    undetermined origin

Henan Province

Zhuxian zhen, Kaifeng

Sichuan Province

Mianzhu (Chengdu)

Jiangsu Province

Taohuawu (Suzhou)

Tianjin Province


Hebei Province


Shandong Province

Yangjiabu (Weifang)

Outside China

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