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português a classification of prints
door prints detail_18.jpg (19376 bytes) prints to paste on the doors to bring good-luck for the family and to protect the house from ghosts
always produced in pairs
wall and kang prints detail_13.jpg (20819 bytes) prints to paste on the walls, or on the sides of the warm brick-bed (kang), for recreation and education purposes
window prints detail_24.jpg (18932 bytes) prints to hang on the window, for decoration and that are sometimes believed to brighten the room (moon prints)
main hall prints detail_26.jpg (25008 bytes) prints intended to be displayed in the main room wall for public viewing
usualy large sizes and  very good quality
decorative prints detail_32.jpg (23697 bytes) prints with no ritual prescribed place or size, created for decorative purposes only
zhima detail_25.jpg (20854 bytes) prints to burn in a ritual way, to communicate with Heaven, either with the gods or with the deceased
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