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Márcio-André was born in 1978 in Rio de Janeiro. He has a BA in Letters and an MA in Poetics from the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. He wrote the books Movimento Perpétuo (2002), Cazas (2006) and Intradoxos (2007). He is co-founder, editor of and essay-writer in the arts and literature journal Confraria, set and published in collaboration with the Post-Graduate Department of the UFRJ and the Confraria do Vento publishing house, where Márcio-André holds a post as editorial coordinator. A multimedia artist, in his performances he plays the violin while reciting poetry (by means of previously recorded sound), with projections of images, fonts, architectural drawings and TG tree diagrams. The perfectioning of his concept led to the creation of the project-group Arranjos para Assobio, made of poetical textures and experimental realities, which, fusing physical and oral expression, projections, and sound and stage elements, searches for new ways of poetry reading. He collaborates with many electronic and printed newspapers, mainly as a translator; there he has published poems by Gilles Ivain, Serge Pey, Ghérasin Luca, Mathieu Bénézet, Rafael Alberti and Hagiwara Sakutaro. Now he is deep into a systematic reflexive work, trekking the suburbs, trying to give shape to what he calls “poetics of the houses” — a geopoetics he has been elaborating on in a series of essays about the dwellings, the boroughs and the cities.





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