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After the 1991 massacre of Timorese civilians by the Indonesian army, in Dili, the issue of East Timor has been gathering more and more interest around the world. Several Human Rights organisations as well as governmental departments have since included East Timor in their reports. Much background information about East Timor is available in the Internet, but you can also find regularly updated material.

The links below point to pages with specific information about East Timor - its History, Geography and Culture, the Human Rights situation, daily news, etc. - and are distributed according to ten items. Please notice that these items are only hints about the material avaliable: you will actually find a lot more information in each page.

History, Geography and Culture Background Documentation
U.N. documents on East Timor. Activism.
Human Rights in East Timor. News archives.
Mailing Lists.
About Indonesia and East Timor.
On-line articles and Publications.
On-line discussions.

East Timor's History, Geography and Culture.

TimorNet's History, Geography and Anthropology Pages - In our pages you will find detailed information and pictures and maps about East Timor's History, Geography, Ethnology and other features, as well as an account of the situation in East Timor since the 1975 invasion by Indonesia. If you had never heard about East Timor, we suggest you read this page first...
Portuguese Communist Youth (JCP) East Timor Pages
- a nice and quick introduction to East Timor's History since the Portuguese colonization up to the Dili massacre of 1991.

Background Documentation.

East Timor Action Network - This gopher page is provided by ETAN.It displays a wide variety of information about East-Timor, ranging from e-mail adresses and legal texts concerning East Timor to current letters from the leaders of Timorese resistance and Human Rights organisations. Essential to anyone wishing to know a bit more about East Timor. ETAN also provides reg.easttimor, a daily mailing list dealing exclusively with East Timor.
Queens University Belfast - Many relevant law texts are available, regarding East Timor within the Indonesian legal system. You will also find more historical information.

United Nations Documents on East Timor.

According to the United Nations, the political situation in East Timor is far from being settled, since its decolonization process was interrupted in December the 7th 1975. You can view the UN Security Council's Resolutions on East Timor condemning the ilegitimate occupation of the territory, issued after the Indonesian invasion.
Security Council: Resolution 384 (December 22nd 1975) and Resolution 389 (from 1976).
Six years after the invasion, the UN General Assembly still condemned East Timor's occupation: Resolution 36/50 from November 24th 1981.
A table with all the UN votings on East Timor is available at CDPM's Home Page.
Recently, the UN Human Rights Commitee as also issued important declarations on East Timor, in the years of 1993, 1994 and 1995.


Many people around the world are concerned with East Timor's situation. Follow these links to meet them and to learn about current actions.

RENETIL Home Page - The Website of the National Resistance of the East Timorese Students.
Comission for the Rights of the Maubere People (CDPM) Home Page.
ETISC - Ireland's East Timor Solidarity Campaign in the Web.
Stop the Hawks Deal Newsletter - a campaign on arms sales to Indonesia.
East Timor Human Rights Center - Home page from this Australian NGO that supports East Timorese prisioners, torture victims and refugees. See the Urgent Action pages.
East Timor Relief Association, also in Austalia.
See also ETAN's list of Solidarity Groups with East Timor (We keep a html version at our server, but it may be outdated).

Human Rights in East Timor

These pages deal mainly with the issue of Human Rights in East Timor and Indonesia. They include government agencies and non-governmental organisations reports.

One World News - includes recent stories of human-right abuse in East Timor, from Amnesty International. Click here to access quickly to AI's Country Reports.
U.S. State Department - annual reports on the Human Rights situation in Indonesia and East Timor - years of 1993, 1994 and 1995. It provides an important bulk of factual information not only about the occupied territory of East-Timor, but also about the overview of Indonesian political institutions, police, army and human rights policy.

News Archives

The servers below offer regularly updated news from East Timor.

East Timor Pages - at the National Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering (INESC), in Lisbon. News from the reg.easttimor mailing list.
Nettalk - an East Timor Solidarity group in New Zealand. News from reg.easttimor and reg.indonesia mailing lists and many other interesting items, such as Women's Issues, the University of East Timor, and New Zealand's solidarity groups.
Loro Sae / East Timor Page - another portuguese page with updated news and other background information.

Mailing Lists

You can receive daily updated news from East Timor or Indonesia by electronic mail.
All you have to do is to subscribe to one of these mailing lists

About Indonesia and East Timor

Recent History of Indonesia - a brief view in our TimorNet pages.
Amnesty International's Campaign on Indonesia - focuses East Timor's present situation within the broader context of Indonesia's recent History.
Indonesia Home Page - a goodstarting point to know more about this country's History, Geography and Culture. Many Indonesian contacts (such as government offices and individual pages) are also available.
East Timor: Indonesia's official position - at the Indonesian Embassy Home Page in Canada.
Check also the East Timor Pages for more indonesian contacts.

On-line articles and Publications
Le Monde Diplomatique - A well-known newspaper specialized in International Politics. You can read the published articles about East Timor, or search for more information about any other country. Texts available in french, italian, german and english.
'Timor-Leste' Bulletin - from the CDPM.
Also from CDPM - An extensive bibliography on East Timor!
See also our Bibliography Pages for full-text articles.


You can participate in On-line debates about East Timor with Intenet users around the world. The issue of East Timor is frequently debated in the following Usenet newsgroups.


You can also find more contacts or participate in a portuguese-speaking news group at Portugalnet.

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